My OWN DIY all natural moisturizer!

As I mentioned in my previous blog posting, I want to make my own products.

When I researched more, digging deeper about the cleaning products for both skin and household, I wanted to make more steps to minimize my ecological footprint!

I finally made it! I have been researching for recipes and different ingredients for moisturizers.

After researching, I found that everyone has different skin type and there is no absolute recipe for moisturizer.

So I bought ingredients and started my own trail for almost a month.

For the first month, I started to mix the ingredients on my palm every time when I have to put moisturizer on.

Below is my trial:

  • Half penny size of coconut oil, Shea butter, Aloe Gel
  • One drop of Avocado oil and Sweet Almond oil

I got two results from my experiment:

  1. I found that I might need 2 jars of moisturizers for day and night, since the moisturizer is oil based, it can be a bit greasy for the face in the morning (you don’t want people to see your face being too SHINY) But it’s very good for keeping the moist at night

2. With different proportions of the ingredients, it can be an oil based cleaner!

I tried to add more coconut oil and rubbed into my face, and it’s very good for cleaning and I can see dead skin and dirt came out even I already washed my face with the normal cleanser I was using (i.e. Biotherm cleansing Gel)

So here is the Oil cleansing procedure:  

  1. As usual mix everything together (but with more coconut oil or any other oil as you like)
  2. Rub into your face (take your time, and relax. I usually do it when I am watching my favorite drama)

    • Really! There’s no rush! During rubbing, nutrients can get into your skin and the oil can absorb the dirt and facial oil
    • You can see tiny dirt coming out!!! It sounds gross! But this is my favorite part!!!!! Especially it proved that the “chemical cleanser” I usually use doesn’t really work
  3. Use warm wet towel to clean it (you might need to wipe it for more than once)

So…after one month of testing…..I started to make my own moisturizer!!!!

I was looking for a pretty container to keep my 1st DIY all natural moisturizer until I found that there was a bottled food almost done in the fridge.

Haha!!! If I want to be closer to the mother earth, I should buy more than I need.

Remember the 3R???

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

REDUCE and REUSE are always more important than recycle! If we reduce waste and try to reuse more, there’s nothing needed to be recycled!

It costs more energy in recycling!

So based on the 3Rs, I am trying to reduce the waste I am going to make and reduce the purchase that I can substitute with something I already had.

Haha, I cleaned the “Chinese style pickles container”…

Here is another story…LOL “how to clean the sting and get rid of the smell of the container”

Please see my friend’s blog for more details!

And here is the REAL recipe I was using!!!!

Please be aware that….Everything is good in the recipe but I did something silly and made the moisturizer smell TOO strong!!!!

I will tell you the story later…and the texture of the moisturizer is depending on the temperature. I found that the moisturizer was sometimes sandy…lol so when I put it on my face…it felt like an exfoliate moisturizer.

I decided to Share this “not very perfect moisturizer recipe” and not going to wait until I have a “perfect master piece”.

I believe every changes we are going to make and we have been made are not by one easy step. It’s not always easy to make changes and to step out from the things that we used to do.

For sure, it will be nice if you success in the first try. But we can all learn from the mistakes we made.

Being an “activist” and making green steps are not really easy.
Hopefully one day, I can share my “perfect moisturizer recipe”.

But I am not saying this Final product I made is failed, but it can be improved!!! And I love my new moisturizer!


  •  15 tbs Shea Butter
  • 1 tbs Coconut Oil
  • few drops of Vitamin E Oil
  • 2 tbs Aloe Gel
  • 2 tsb Sweet Almond Oil
  • 8 drops Avocado Oil
  • 2 drops Tea tree Oil
  • 15ml Lavender Oil (which was an accident)
  • 3 drops Lemongrass Oil (Don’t recommended because of the strong smell)
  • 1 drops Citronella Oil (You don’t need this unless you always get bugs bite LOL)

Excited??? Are you ready for my steps???? I was excited!!!!

  1. Boil water in a pot
  2. put Coconut oil and Shea butter in the bottle

  3. Put the bottle in the boiled water, keep the water in low heat. Remember: don’t let the water overflow the bottle.

  4. I added Aloe Gel in it….and I found that I might be a mistake….cause Aloe gel cannot really melt and mixed with all the ingredients. NOTES: NO Aloe Gel for next time

    Aloe Gel didn’t mixed well…you can see it was floating…and it ended up sink at the bottom.

  5. After everything melted and mixed…take it away from the hot water
  6. Add essential oils into the mixture

    NOTES: Don’t use
    Citronella oil unless you want it to be a insect repellent LOL
  7. 1 drop of Citronella oil smell very strong and I had to add a lot of lavender oil to cover the strong smell and I ended up…having a very strong smell moisturizer!!! But after a few weeks, the smell is becoming less strong
  8. Except the extra lavender oil and the 1 drop of Citronella oil, everything is FINE! Trust me! IT WAS FINE!

I am still researching on the texture of the moisturizer, I want it to be more smooth.

I am satisfied with the moist it contains and I think the portion of oil is good enough, too much will be too greasy.

This bottle of moisturizer is EXPENSIVE because of the extra lavender oil I added and because I didn’t really compare the price before I bought the ingredients.


  • You know it’s all natural
  • And it’s safe
  • Non-animal tested! (unless you bought some ingredients which is tested on animals)
  • Very healthy for your skin! In my case, I usually had some small flakes came out when I used my usual daily moisturizer, esp in the afternoon…flakes of moisturizers plus dirt. After I started using my DIY moisturizer, moisturizer sink into my skin quickly and I can feel my skin is soaking all the ingredients and I cannot really see any small flakes and dirt came out on my face.
  • It’s a big jar that I think I can use it for maybe a year since I only need a half penny size for every usage! (which makes it sounds more economical)
  • Good for everywhere besides your face! WHOLE BODY!


  • It can be very pricy! Don’t think being GREEN is cheap
  • But if, IF you do research and compare price and share with your friends who are also interested in making their own moisturizer, it can be cheaper

5 thoughts on “My OWN DIY all natural moisturizer!

  1. What a wonderful post Cherry! I love hearing about your experimenting and feel so silly that I have waited so long to try this myself. I have booked marked recipes and have purchased supplies but haven’t yet tried this. Thank you for linking back to my post and I can’t wait to read more posts like this.

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